Edmonton WordPress Hosting

Managed & Integrated Platform for ONE Unified Xperience

Edmonton WordPress Hosting

Managed WP Hosting

Intuitive Platform Design

Built-in DB & File Manager

Tailored WP Features

Easy to Use Tools

Friendly & Personalized

Edmonton WordPress Cloud Hosting

Clean UI/UX for a smoother and less confusing Xperience

Security Guidance and Scanning integrated within Portal

Isolated & Geo Distributed Cloud Solution Architecture

Anycast DNS Edge Management is included – providing a premium service that’s powered on it’s own distributed and redundant cloud. Bringing your site closer to your users for a more consistent experience across the globe.

Matching Web & Email bring your Unique Brand to the forefront with custom email(you@yourbrand…). Where your website(www.yourbrand…) and email(your@youbrand..) present that Unified and Professional look to feel like ONE.

Options for Custom in-Sync Email, Files, SSO hosted in Canada

Canadian powered Cloud Solutions – all infrastructure including power are sourced and built on Canadian soil. Providing a Cloud Solution that is designed to operate and provide backup within our own borders.

Natural Cloud Energy – in Alberta we have an abundance of natural wind and solar energy sources, which in turn is helping to power your Edmonton WordPress Hosting Solution.

LoneSync is proud to be Canadian and is based out of SouthWest Alberta.

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