Welcome to LoneSync Mission : ONE Unified Xperience

ONE Unified Xperience is really the grounding principle of a concentrated mission to empower you as the end-user.  Empower to not only do more, but have fun along the way and bring your Xperience to a more personalized alignment of your own goals.  Where technology fades into the background and simply becomes more natural to your every-day, becoming unified with you through native ‘baked-in’ integration across services, devices and business.

  • LoneSync uniquely references that One Unified feel or Xperience.
  • ONE Unified Xperience slogan came naturally from the LoneSync vision.
  • Xperience is written with an X to emphasize cross-platform (Android/Apple/Windows…)
  • ONUX is abbreviation of (ONE Unified Xperience) – which became product/service branding.

Baked-in is a term used here allot….emphasizing the vision of true Technology Integration for a seamless end-user Xperience.  When this happens the underlying services become much more intuitive and allow more to be accomplished vs a simple connection between Services/Apps.  At the same time improving reliability and predictability of services with a  laser focus on how services interact and provide a quality Xperience.

LoneSync(by Chad Lone Consulting)Personalized and Unified Xperience Solutions from Alberta, Canada.