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Aligned with a focus on working as One.


Integrated design and naturally Unified.


Tailored for a personalized Xperience.

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Tailored Insight

  • Align
  • Integrate
  • Automate
  • Optimize
  • Personalize

LoneSync Insight helps to focus in on aligning solutions around your unique goals, brand and desired experience. Surfacing features and options of digital technology that are inline with providing you with a personalized and tailored solution.

Insight aligns digital technology, goals, user and experience as One.

  • Smart solutions begin to surface and expand into inspiring new ideas.
  • Technology feels more natural, smooth and enhances user experience.
  • Cloud Solutions become seamless and provide that in-sync Xperience.
  • Custom services now run under your own unique and branded domain.
  • …and more.


LoneSync Insight helps to focus in on integrating technology services and features with a more tailored approach to providing a unified experience. Providing an enhanced experience for users, interaction between services, applications and personalization.

Insight tailors integration around natural and unified design.

  • Silos of data and experiences become unified and sync automatically.
  • Devices become more useful and a natural extension of the ‘office’.
  • Users experience and efficiency increases with a unified environment.
  • Protection is enhanced with permissions on one platform vs multiple.
  • …and more.


LoneSync Insight helps to focus in on options to automate for improved reliability, predictability, efficiency and user experience. Where processes become less prone to error, and removing same step logic being completed like it’s the ‘first-time’…every time.

Insight aligns automation with existing workflow and enhances in phases.

  • Manual tasks begin to phase over to more effective/productive tasks.
  • Technical steps become easy, as prior step are removed by auto-provisioning.
  • Prior multi-step processes become more intuitive through unifying steps.
  • Digital adoption becomes easier with enhanced experiences and efficiency.
  • …and more.


LoneSync Insight helps to focus in on areas to optimize for solutions to become smoother, efficient and aligned with budgeting. Optimization is a multi-step process, starting with identifying and adjusting plans as you go for optimal results.

Insight tailors optimization around smoother and efficient operations.

  • Technology changes and Optimization helps to make change smoother.
  • Solution licensing and hosting can be reviewed and tailored for efficiency.
  • Initial solution design can be reviewed to adopt new services and options.
  • Multi-step processes unified through creative planning and flow design.
  • …and more.


LoneSync Insight helps to focus in on areas to personalize in your solutions, providing a Unique and Authentic feel across your tailored platform. Showcasing that intriquing quality of your brand etched into each aspect of technology your users and clients experience.

Insight tailors digital solutions to provide that personalized look and feel.

  • Your brand is now etched into all services with a custom feel everywhere.
  • Technology now promotes your brand and no longer just the platform.
  • User feel closer to your brand, as each item is addressed to them specifically.
  • Website, email and more run under your branded domain, no longer generic.
  • …and more.

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Digital Solution Insight


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