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  • One-on-One
  • Work In-Sync
  • Web Presence
  • Hosting & DNS

LoneSync provides solutions designed around a tailored Digital Xperience.

  • Helping to surface personalization, intuitive and inspiring design.
  • Tailor digital services around your unique and authentic domain.
  • Flexible by design to align with goals and advance going forward.
  • Integrate your brand to provide an experience that feels like one.
  • ….

Work In-Sync

LoneSync helps to unify your work experience to be in-Sync Anywhere.

  • Guidance to Do More with and Personalize Microsoft 365 Business.
  • Tailor to your custom email (me@mybrand…) and personalized single sign-on.
  • Enhance protection with tailoring suite options for services and connected devices.
  • Personalize SharePoint, OneDrive…around your brand, usage and collaboration.
  • ….

Web Presence

LoneSync helps to align your web services for an improved online presence.

  • Guidance to tailor around your custom branded domain (www.mybrand…).
  • Unifying presence with custom email (me@mybrand…) for that feel of One.
  • Review existing framework and provide options for update, migrate or redesign.
  • Creative digital presence design planning around your goals and experience.
  • ....

Hosting & DNS

LoneSync helps to align your hosting services and custom tailored DNS.

  • Hosting tailored around your custom domain and personalized experience.
  • Enhanced DNS reliability, response and predictability with a dedicated platform.
  • Custom email services with your custom branded domain (me@mybrand…).
  • Unify services under your custom domain to show your brand everywhere.
  • ….

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