About : ONE Unified Xperience

ONE Unified Xperience is the grounding principle of a mission to empower you as the end-user. Empower to not only do more, but have fun along the way and personalize your Xperience to align with your own goals. Where technology fades into the background and simply becomes more natural to your every-day, becoming unified with you through native ‘baked-in’ integration across services, devices and business.

LoneSync uniquely references that One Unified Xperience

ONE Unified Xperience slogan came naturally from LoneSync

X emphasizes X(cross)-platform (Android/Apple/Linux/Windows…)

Lync (LoneSync short name) – service branding

Baked-in is a term used here allot….emphasizing the vision of true Integration for a seamless end-user Xperience. When this happens the underlying services become much more intuitive and allows more to be accomplished vs a simple connection between Services/Apps. At the same time improving reliability and predictability of services with a laser focus on a Quality Xperience.

LoneSync(by Chad Lone Consulting) – Personalized and Unified Xperience Solutions from Alberta, Canada.

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