About LoneSync

Mission : ONE Unified Xperience

LoneSync believes you should have a more natural Xperience across services and independent of device platform.

Hello from beautiful Alberta, Canada

LoneSync vision really comes from a desire to have a more natural experience within technology and day-to-day interaction.  Where using devices should feel less like a device and more like a personalized extension of you.  Technical items fade into the background and allow you to interact across multiple services without really feeling like you are using multiple services.

'Lone' - uniquely references One, providing you with a uniquely tailored unified experience.  Sync builds on the one experience initiative, a natural feel you get when technology simply fades into a seamless experience for you.

One Unified Xperience  emphasizes the one experience vision - unifying technology, devices and services to give you an Xperience which is your freedom.  Xperience is also spelled this way to emphasize (X)cross-platform, a design which allows a service to work across different devices and environments while providing a unified Xperience.

a natural feel which inspires

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