About LoneSync Mission : ONE Unified Xperience

Specializing in Integrated Technology Solutions providing you with ONE Unified Xperience.

  • Solutions

    Connected Cloud Technology Solutions are integrated across services to provide you with a Seamless Xperience.  Integration provides you with an intelligent, secure and cohesive Solution.  In-turn this increases end-user Efficiency and Inspiration of new ideas with easy-to-use tools for your every-day goals.

  • Cross Platform

    Where devices become transparent in your every-day, more of an extension of what you do vs. what you do for the device.  We all have preferences based on how we work, interact and so on.  So, having the freedom to use solely Apple, Android, Windows, BlackBerry or any combination should be your choice.

  • Personalized

    ‘Lone’ in LoneSync uniquely references One  providing a uniquely tailored Xperience for you.  From your sign-in(you@yourbrand…) through to your services, all unified and personalized for each end-user.

  • Intuitive

    Where the ‘technical’ in technology fades into the background, services help devices become smarter and more intuitive to you.  Your sign-in becomes your identity by which your devices and services know you.

  • Sync

    Central to the Unified Xperience and automatic across your devices.  With built-in intelligence you get a premium Xperience which is intuitive, built-in every plan and simply works for you.

  • Xperience

    (X) in Xperience emphasizes cross-platform – in other words, you choose the device(s) you prefer – use solely or any combination of Android, Apple or Windows – for ONE Unified Xperience.