M365 Advisor

Insight & Solutions for ONE Unified Xperience.

1-to-1 M365 Partner

Provides for a more integrated relationship for tailored Insight & Solutions.

Remotely Anywhere

Connect with your Advisor from wherever you are or travelling.

Solution based Insight

Always looking at any request and questions from a Solution based approach.

Friendly Advisor

Kindness makes for a much better atmosphere and usually quicker to a solution.

Microsoft 365 Advisor

M365 Advisor is available remotely wherever you are located or travelling.

Solution based Insight helping to do more with the many options available within M365 Suite. While overall options and apps can get overwhelming, there is allot of benefit of being able to personalize extensively. LoneSync Insight helps to bring clarity on beneficial features and solutions, along with providing tailored personalization.

Provide guidance to sort out beneficial features.

UI/UX Insight for added branding and functionality.

Guidance to Do More Anywhere with a Unified Solution.

Personalizing is where the benefits are within technology solutions, providing flexibility to tailor around your brand, goals and day-to-day use. Some Solutions have more flexibility built-in than others, M365 has been developed with Extensive Flexibility built-in for personalizing around brand and functionality.

Insight can help from the very beginning of personalizing with built-in custom professional email and single sign-on (you@yourbrand…). Through to being your long-term partner with personalized answers, planning and solutions.

A few Solution Areas for M365 Advisor

Custom Integration

Advisor provides a focus on how each solution feature is planned and deployed to work in-Sync, providing that personalized ONE Unified Brand, Business, Mobile…Cloud Experience. Being a Microsoft CSP(Cloud Solution Provider) and using M365 Suite within, LoneSync provides in-depth Insight to Do More with M365.

Photo by LoneSync

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