ONE Unified Team

Unified Team Xperience

Unify your Team across Office, Docs, Chat…

Bring your Team together & Work from Anywhere

Secure Sharing

Work in a Private Team Setting, creating channels that are appropriate for what you want to share.

Use Any Device

Access and Interact with your Team using an Integrated App, or via Web Access to Get Together Anywhere you choose.

Built in Microsoft 365

Integrated for Team Interaction across Office Apps, Chat, Video, Tasks and more from Anywhere.

1-to-1 and Group Chat & IM

Online Conference & Meetings

Share Files & Desktop Securely

Secure Encryption Anywhere

HD Video & Live Streaming

Enjoy meetings from Anywhere

Online, desktop and App Access

End-to-end Security and Control

Deeply integrated across 365 services

Stay connected with chat and meetings within your team and in private or small group conversations. Schedule and join online meetings with HD video, VoIP, and dial-in conferencing. Inspire new ideas across Geo-boundaries as ONE Team in a Secure environment tailored to your workspace.


Is Teams included within Microsoft 365 Business?

Yes – included with Pro and Pro X plans.

Where is Teams within Microsoft 365 Business?

Sign-in to your Suite here and browse your Apps in the upper-left navigation. Here you will have the option to select Teams, if you have an administrator taking care of your services – you may need to ask to enable.

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