Sync my Android

ONE Unified Android Xperience

  • M365 Android Apps
  • *Domain Setup for Sync
M365 Android Apps

Microsoft 365 Android Apps

ONE Unified Android Xperience

*Requires Microsoft 365 Business

*Domain Setup for Sync

Domain Setup

ONE Unified Android Xperience

First you need a domain to register with Microsoft 365

If you have a domain, obtain log-in information to manage the domain

Need a domain? you can register one here

Then proceed to domain within Microsoft 365 and step through adding domain

Here you add the domain and then verify with the appropriate records

Once verified, now add all the appropriate domain records as noted within Microsoft 365

Verify all records within verification steps

Updating users will now match their sign-in to your domain (

Signing into Microsoft 365 will now use your updated user name matching your custom email.

*Once your domain has been setup, you can now proceed with the steps to Sync your devices however there is sometimes a waiting period. When updating a domain the records at your domain provider may take time to update, this can take anywhere from a few minutes to 48-hours, depends on your domain registrar.

*Requires Microsoft 365 Business

Sync all your devices

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