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ONE Unified Team Site Xperience

Integrated Team(Sites, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Files, Members…) with built-in Protection

Create internal sites & work-spaces

Permission based sites, spaces and groups

Sync libraries to your desktop/laptop

Automated Workflows Integration

Personalized to you (you@yourbrand…)

Beautiful themes available for your sites

Secure access across services and sign-ins

Work across devices

Deeply integrated across 365 services

Expand and integrate your Team Site(s) with built-in connectors for a multitude of third-party tie ins, external data, workflows and much more. With integrated Sign-in you get a Unified Xperience across your services.  Where you and your team simply sign-in with Microsoft 365 credentials and start creating within minutes.  Build and design with freedom and without limits of pages or documents, it’s all included within your suite. 


Is SharePoint included within Microsoft 365?

Yes – included within your Pro and Pro X plans

Is SharePoint user-friendly?

Yes – you can create sites and work-spaces quickly without the need for technical hands. This is one of the areas of active and continuous development to bring out the features in a user-friendly manner. While technical knowledge can bring out more advanced features it’s not required for most.

Can I share with external partners?

Yes – external members can be added and included within your plan.

Can I Sync files to my desktop?

Yes – within the online site there is an option to select for Syncing which ties in with OneDrive for Automatic Sync. When setup you can add files both online and/or desktop/laptop.

Where can I access SharePoint within Microsoft 365?

Sign-in to your Suite here and browse your Apps in the upper-left navigation. Here you will have the option to select SharePoint, if you have an administrator taking care of your services – you may need to ask to enable.

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