M365 Windows 10 Business

Seamless Single Sign-on & Auto Provision.

M365 Integration for ONE Unified Windows.

Seamless Sign-in

Integrated with your M365 Suite Sign-in across apps, profile, settings and protection.

EndPoint Protection

Baked-in M365 Business Premium for enhanced device protection and management.

Built-in M365 Suite

Seamlessly built-in providing you with ONE Unified Windows Xperience.

AzureAD Integration

Manage & Monitor Threats to User Sign-ins and more with baked-in AzureAD.

Windows 10 Business Features

M365 Suite Windows 10 Business Provisioning

Quick Upgrade from 10 Pro

Protection with Defender

Central Device Management

Central User sign-in Management

Integrates tightly with 365/AzureAD

Single Sign-in with Microsoft 365

Auto-Pilot for quick hands-off device setup

Enhanced mobile user protection

Integrated Sign-in across 365 Services

Seamless upgrade from 10 Pro without any steps required, simply sign-in with your 365 credentials and upgrade happens silently. Once you sign-in with your 365 credentials, your PC upgrades to Business, increases security with EndPoint Defender and provides a single sign-on. 

Settings are Synced with your profile, when you use multiple PC’s/Laptops your settings Sync with you.

Windows 10 Business is included within Suite Pro X – The Windows version that’s built to integrate with your Business, personalized to each-user and comes with built-in Enhanced Protection to keep you safe.


Can I upgrade from Windows 7 Pro?

Yes – if you have a legit copy of Windows 7 Pro installed, then sign-in to the Microsoft 365 portal as an administrator(admin log-in credentials required). From here you can download Windows 10 Business and complete the upgrade steps, with Windows 7 Pro an upgrade process is required.

What is AzureAD?

AzureAD(Azure Active Directory) is the central directory for your business on Microsoft 365. This is where all service authenticate, traditionally there was a Windows Active Directory Server on-site – now this roll has been moved online(cloud) and provides increased security and for all users regardless of geography.

Is Windows 10 Business available as stand-alone?

No – Windows 10 Business is meant to integrate with your Microsoft 365 services, seamlessly integrated with online protection and continuous development without the traditional update process.

What is EndPoint?

EndPoint is a central online(cloud) endpoint management solution – where you get an overall view of the health across all connected devices. Providing management & monitoring to keep your devices healthy and protected. 

Cross-platform support – Android/Apple and Windows devices benefit from EndPoint protection.

How do I tell if my PC upgraded to Windows 10 Business?

Click on Windows Start Button > select Cog(Settings) icon just above start > select System within Settings window > Select About on the left menu at the bottom.

Here you see the version under Windows Specifications:

LoneSync Suite AzureAD Windows 10 Business powered by Microsoft 365 Business

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