Digital Solution Insight

One. Unified. Xperience.

1-to-1 Solution Partner

Personalized and tailored insight for creating your solution.

Strategic Focus

Zoned in on tailoring services, features, ideas for a custom fit.

Innovative Ideas

Creative thinking for new ideas, goals and future planning.

Flexible Options

Suitable for one-time tasks, on-going and project partnerships.

Digital Solution Insight

Digital Solution Insight provides personalized guidance and planning for tailoring digital solutions with your business. Creating an inclusive and integrated experience for that unified and in-sync feel of One.

  • Solutions become more personalized and naturally tailored with your business.
  • End-user experience is improved and provides creative inspiration going forward.
  • Processes are optimized for increased quality, predictability and overall efficiency.
  • IT(Information Technology) feels in-sync across business, users and experiences.

1-to-1 solution planning with an overview of how each item impacts other business areas, including users, processes and experience. Providing tailored solution design, strategically aligned with your business and future goals.

Solution Areas

Web Presence
Work in-Sync
Smart UX / IX
Domain & DNS

Web Presence

Web Presence Insight

  • Guidance to help tailor Domain and DNS for your custom domain (www.mybrand…).
  • Extend your custom domain through to email (me@mybrand…) with M365 Suite.
  • Review existing framework and provide options for updating, migrating or redesigning.
  • Creative digital presence design planning to tailor around your goals and experience.
  • ….

1-to-1 Web Presence Solutions.

Work in-Sync

Work in-Sync Insight

  • Guidance to help tailor M365 Suite for a more personalized and custom experience.
  • Tailor email with your custom domain (me@mybrand…) and personalized single sign-on.
  • Enhance your protection through tailoring options for the suite and connected devices.
  • Tailor options in SharePoint, OneDrive…to help with working and collaborating Anywhere.
  • ….

1-to-1 Work in-Sync Solutions.

Smart UX / IX

UX(User Xperience) / IX(Interaction Xperience) Insight

  • Surfacing features that help to make solutions intuitive, inspiring and smart.
  • Enhanced Xperience through unifying digital interfaces, aesthetics, and services.
  • Automate processes for improved efficiency, predictability and personalization.
  • Creative planning for tailoring and improving user and interaction design flow.
  • ….

1-to-1 Smart UX / IX Solutions.

Domain & DNS

Domain & DNS Insight

  • Personalized guidance to help tailor your custom Domain with Name Servers.
  • Enhancing DNS reliability, response and predictability with a dedicated platform.
  • Customizing email services with your custom branded domain (me@mybrand…).
  • Branding your digital presence with a matching website domain (www.mybrand…).
  • Unifying services with tailored DNS management to have your brand everywhere.
  • ….

1-to-1 Domain & DNS Solutions.

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