M365 EndPoint

Cloud Security across Services & Devices

Built to provide a Naturally Secure Xperience

Cross Platform

Manage Android, Apple and Windows devices in ONE Solution.

Auto Provision

Provision new Windows devices Automatically, users sign-in for auto profile and apps.

Built in M365 Suite

Integrated for a Unified EndPoint Management and Security.

AzureAD Integration

Deeply Integrated across AzureAD providing a Seamless Implementation & Management.

EndPoint Features

M365 Suite EndPoint Manager

Unified Cross-platform

Adapts to environment

Integrated Xperience

Integrated with AzureAD

Proactive user Protection

Non-intrusive for end-user

Intuitive & Non-intrusive

Personalized user sign-in

Continually learns defenses

Flexible device/app management allowing employees to work with devices and apps they choose while protecting important information. Tightly integrated with Azure AD allowing for seamless deployment and management of security across devices, data, apps, and infrastructure.

Users now have secure access to the best mobile productivity experience. Where manageability and data protection are built directly into Office mobile apps your employees are most familiar with. Your data stays protected, and employees stay productive without limitations, support cross-platform and devices Anywhere.

Microsoft Defender

EndPoint’s integration with Microsoft Defender provides Enhanced Threat Detection & Management.  Windows 10 Pro users also benefit from a seamless upgrade to Windows 10 Business, enabling baked-in protection.


Is Protection Included within Microsoft 365?

Yes – EndPoint is built-in at the server(cloud) level so all your devices have the same Xperience. Which means you do not install any add-ons or manage any third-party apps – it’s intelligent and continuously learns how to protect against new threats.

Where can I get help for a personalized solution?

Insight provides you with personalized EndPoint Guidance.

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