Manitoba M365 Consulting

Insight & Solutions for ONE Unified Xperience

Manitoba Microsoft 365 Consulting

1-to-1 M365 Partner

Solution Insight

Manitoba, Canada

Tailored Solutions

License Management

Unified Business

Manitoba M365 Consulting provides custom 1-to-1 Insight from planning through to being your partner for tailored solutions. Helping to Surface features, updates and options for your business to Do More with M365. Unifying with your business day-to-day activities, long-term goals, brand and end-user experience.

Insight is conveniently available remotely for ease of access to Consulting from Anywhere. Other options are also available and evaluated on per-scenario basis, remote option helps to maintain cost efficiency.

Guidance & Solutions for setup, domain, dns, users, sync, features….etc.

Insight for personalized custom branding, integration, user experience…etc.

Assistance with one-time Tasks through to Long-term Planning and Projects.

A few Solution Areas for M365 Consulting

Custom Integration

LoneSync is a Microsoft CSP

(Cloud Solution Provider)

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