Custom Email ONE Unified Brand Xperience

powered by Office 365

Custom Email matching your brand for a Unified Brand Xperience.  An Xperience which is personalized across your services (you@youbrand….).  Promoting your professional image each and every time – which you control and build trust with your clients.

When you add your name alongside another brand such as in a free email address (you@somebrand…) – your professional touch is lost in a generic name.  Lost marketing costs your business, no longer a ‘free’ option as you are now promoting another brand vs. yours!

Your clients desire a Unified Brand Xperience… where they see your name across all avenues.  Build trust with your own – you have full control, using other mediums is always promoting another brand – taking away from your effort!

Custom Email Features

  • Built-in Protection Included
  • Includes SPAM Management
  • Intelligent Malware Protection
  • Unified Sync for All your Devices
  • Integrated (Contacts, Calendar, Tasks..)

Email Branding

  • Personalized to you (you@yourbrand…)
  • Matches your website(www.yourbrand…)
  • Promotes solely your brand
  • Easy to remember for clients
  • Trusted – not fake(yourbrand@some…)

Custom Email FAQs

  • Yes – ONUX Suite takes care of branded email across all your devices.