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Android Sync ONE Unified Android Xperience

  1. From Applications menu, select Email, or Mail
  2. Type your email address such as (
  3. Type your email password, then select Next.
  4. Select Exchange Account, or Exchange ActiveSync
  5. Enter the following account information and select Next
    • DomainUsername Type your full e-mail address in this box
    • If Domain and Username are separate boxes in your Android, leave the Domain box empty and type your e-mail address in the Username

On some versions of Android, you need to use the domainusername format.  For example, if your email address is, type

  • Your username is your full e-mail address –

If your user name has ( within – update to ( in user settings.

  • Password – Use the password that you use to access your email.
  • Exchange Server – Use this address (

As soon as your phone verifies the server settings, the Account Options screen is displayed. The options available depend on the version of Android on your device.

Options may include the following:

  1. E-mail checking frequency – The default value is Automatic(push). When you select this option, e-mail messages will be sent to your phone as they arrive. Recommend only selecting this option if you have an unlimited data plan.
  2. Amount to Synchronize – This is the amount of mail you want to keep on your mobile phone. You can choose from several options, including One day, Three days, and One Week.
  3. Notify me when e-mail arrives – your mobile phone will notify you when you receive a new e-mail message.
  4. Sync contact from this account – your contacts will be synchronized between your phone and your account
  • Select Next and then type a name for this account – aka: (ONUX Suite)
  • Type a name you want displayed when you send e-mail to your people – aka: (your name)
  • Select Done to complete the e-mail setup and start using your account

Apple Sync ONE Unified Apple Xperience

Tap Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Add Account

  1. Tap Exchange
  2. You don’t need to enter anything in the Domain box
  3. Enter the requested in the Email, Username, and Password boxes
  4. You need to enter your full e-mail address in the Email and Username boxes (for example,
  5. Tap Next on the upper-right corner of the screen. Your iPhone/iPad device will try to find the settings to set up connection.  Go to step 9 if your device finds your settings
  6. If your device can’t find your settings, enter the following server name
  7. In the Server box, enter server name ( ), and then tap Next
  8. Choose the type of information you want to synchronize between your account and your device, and then touch Save. By default, Mail, Contacts, and Calendar information are synchronized
  9. That’s it, you are done!  Start using Office 365 on your iPhone/iPad.

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Mac Outlook Sync ONE Unified Mac Xperience

Open Outlook and select Tools menu then Accounts.   If this is the first account you’re creating in Outlook, under Add an Account select Exchange Account.  Or if you have previously created an account for a different email address, in the lower-left of the Accounts box, click + and Exchange

  1. On Enter your Exchange account information type your email address
  2. Under Authentication make sure User name and Password is selected
  3. In User Name, type your complete email address
  4. Make sure Configure automatically is selected, then click Add Account
  5. Outlook will now perform a search to find your email settings.  In the dialog box asking if you want to allow the server to configure your settings, select the Always use my response for this server check box, and click Allow
  6. You will now see the account in the left pane of the Accounts dialog box, which you close.
  7. All done, start using Outlook!

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Windows Phone Sync ONE Unified Windows Phone Xperience

  1. On Start, flick left to the App list, tap Settings and then tap email + accounts.
  2. Tap add an account > Outlook.
  3. Enter your e-mail address and password and tap sign in.
  4. Windows Phone will try to set up your e-mail account automatically.
  5. If setup completes successfully, skip to the end.
  6. If your e-mail account can’t be configured automatically, tap Advanced Setup.

Your username is your full e-mail address –

If your user name has ( within – update to ( in user settings.

Windows Phone Sync Setup Details (Advanced)
E-mail address – enter your e-mail access –

  • Password – enter your password for your e-mail account
  • User name – enter your email address –
  • Domain – enter the part after the @ sign –
  • Server – enter this server ( )
  • Select the Server requires encrypted (SSL) connection box.

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Windows Outlook Sync ONE Unified Outlook Xperience

Open your mail app within Windows

  1. If prompted to add an account, select Outlook (Office 365)
  2. If not prompted, go to bottom-right of your screen to get the settings menu
  3. Select accounts then add account select Outlook (Office 365)
  4. Enter your Office 365 email address and related password
  5. Once completed, the mail, calendar and people app will begin syncing

Windows Sync using the mail app provides basic functionality and syncing, if you want additional features install Outlook.  Outlook is part of the Office suite, connection details for Outlook are below.  If your email has ( within – update to ( in Office 365 settings.

Outlook (new account)

Open Outlook and Startup wizard displays automatically, first page of the wizard, click Next.

  1. After you click Next on the Auto Account Setup page of the wizard, Outlook will perform an online search to find your e-mail server settings. You’ll be prompted to enter your user name and password during this search. Make sure that you enter your full e-mail address (for example, as your user name.
  2. Once setup completes you see – Your e-mail account is successfully configured. Click Finish.
  3. All done, start using Outlook!

Outlook (add existing)

Adding an account within Outlook can be done using the control panel or file tab in Outlook.

  1. Proceed to Windows Control Panel and select Mail option within
  2. Now you can add an account – this starts the wizard for automatically setting up
  3. Enter your full name, email address and corresponding password to initiate setup
  4. Once complete, click finish and close Outlook – re-open to see your new account
  5. Syncing of the account will start automatically – you are done!

Note: Requires Outlook(2013/2016) versions to provide a true Sync

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BlackBerry Sync ONE Unified BlackBerry Xperience


  1. Select your Settings menu and then select accounts.
  2. Tap the add account option on the bottom of the screen
  3. Tap on Email, Calendar and Contacts option
  4. Select Microsoft Exchange option
  5. Enter your e-mail address and click next
  6. Enter your email password and select Finish
  7. BlackBerry will now set up your office account automatically
  8. All done, start using your BlackBerry!


  1. Navigate to Settings menu
  2. Select Accounts from the list
  3. Tap on Add Account on the bottom of the screen
  4. Tap on Advanced on the bottom of the screen
  5. Select Exchange ActiveSync option
  6. Type in your email address for the username
  7. Type in your email address for the email address
  8. For the Server Address type in (
  9. Tap on Finish

Update Calendar to Sync with your matching email:

Proceed to Accounts > Set Defaults > Calendar then check the box (matching your email/domain) – Calendar.  If the check is in ‘Device – Local’ this will only keep a copy on the device without syncing with your other devices, update so this will Sync across devices.   Memo’s and Tasks will go into the Remember Application, having their own folder labelled Memo’s and Tasks.


  • Yes – A domain is required for your custom single sign-in integration (you@yourdomain…).

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