Azure AD

ONE Unified Sign-in Xperience

Azure Active Directory(Azure AD) provides you with single sign-on across all your 365 services. Extends to your devices and third-party apps with built-in protection of your identity while providing seamless access across services.

Azure AD also allows you to extend security and ease of management to partners and customers. An integral part of Office 365/Microsoft 365 unlocking value that enables deep security, productivity, and management across devices, data, apps, and infrastructure.

By using one identity, your users can launch all of their cloud applications from a personalized, web-based access panel or mobile app and have the same experience whether they’re working on Windows, Mac, Android, or iOS. 

Built-in Protection Included
Integrated 365 Services
Identity Security & Management
Unified User Management

Single Sign-on with AzureAD

Single Sign-On for your Windows 10 Pro/Ent devices – seamlessly connecting with 365 services for a Unified Xperience. Providing you with added protection and provisioning of your preferences across multiple devices. When purchasing a brand-new device or restoring a Windows 10 device, you can use First Run Xperience. Providing you with the opportunity to automatically provision with your 365 credentials from the start.

Have an existing Windows 10 device you want to connect with AzureAD?  Existing Run Xperience(ERX) provides you the opportunity to join AzureAD by creating a new profile and benefiting from the same Single Sign-on Xperience.


Is my SSO personalized to me?

Yes – AzureAD sign-in is personalized to your own domain(yourbrand…) – providing you with a personalized sign-in (you@yourbrand…).

Is Identity Protection built-in with no add-ons required?

Yes – AzureAD(Active Directory) protection is built-in at the server/cloud level so all your devices have the same Xperience. Which means you do not install any add-ons or manage any third-party apps – it’s intelligent and continuously learns how to protect against new threats.

Is this inclusive within Office 365?

Yes – with Office 365 you get single sign-on across all 365 services and the ability to connect with external apps.  Take this a step further with Microsoft 365 for deeper insights and protection.

Can I use my current domain?

Yes – if you own a current domain and have access to settings, the domain can then be setup for your personalized sign-in.

Can I purchase a domain?

Yes – you can get a domain here and comes with full DNS management tools and DDoS protection.