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Your ONE place to Store, Sync and Share files from Anywhere on Any Device with Office 365 for Business.


Work without feeling restricted to where or what device you use.  Share with your team through a simple link or in real-time with co-authoring across your Microsoft Office.  Whether you enjoy the large space of your desktop, or compact mobility, OneDrive Business adapts to the way you work.

Sync built for your device

Automatic and Seamless

Real-time Office Co-Authoring

ONE Place for You & Your Team

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OneDrive Business Setup (Windows)

OneDrive is now One Engine, both personal and business are available without downloading another version.  Updating to the current version is the most important, OneDrive does update automatically - or you can download the latest version above.


Step 1 - right-click on the white OneDrive icon in your start tray at the bottom-right.

onux onedrive business

Step 2 - select settings to open the option to add a business account

onux onedrive business

Step 3 - select account at the top menu and then add a business account in the add an account option

onux onedrive business account

Step 4 - sign-in with your Office 365 Business credentials.

onux onedrive business office 365

Step 5 - once signed in OneDrive will setup a folder on your device and begin Syncing contents.


onux onedrive business setting

Step 6 -  Enjoy 🙂  OneDrive folders shown above appear in the left pane of your file explorer.  OneDrive business will have your business name, just like we have here with 360Sync.


OneDrive will only Sync contents within this folder or in your online storage.  Existing files on your device are not affected, simply move any documents you want to Sync into this folder.  Now anytime you add files to your OneDrive here, these automatically Sync here and online.  Adding files to your online storage will Sync back to your device in this folder, same as adding files using other devices.