ONUX Domain ONE Unified Brand Xperience

A Domain helps you provide a Unified Xperience for your Brand. An Xperience which is your brand with your name(www.yourbrand…) and across your services (you@youbrand….).  A domain name is much more than just email or your website, it’s promoting your professional image each and every time. 

When you add your name alongside another brand such as in a free email address (you@somebrand…) – your unique touch is lost in a generic name.  It’s lost marketing and costs your business, no longer a ‘free’ option as you are now promoting another vs. yours!

Get your branded Domain

(.com .ca .co .net .me .city .camera…..)

Your clients desire a Unified Xperience across your brand…where they see your name across all avenues, your website is the ultimate place to provide ONE place for clients.  When you have your own site – you have full control, whereas using other free-mediums is always promoting another brand and changes made affect your client experience with little control over the consequences. 

Domain Features

  • ID Protection Included
  • Includes Managed DNS
  • DDoS protection built-in
  • Full DNS Records Management
  • AnyCast Global DNS Network

Domain Branding

  • Your Website (www.yourbrand…)
  • Your Email (you@yourbrand…)
  • Social Branding (social.yourbrand…)
  • Sub-sites (sub.yourbrand…)
  • Apps (app.yourbrand…)

ONUX Domain FAQs

  • ONUX Suite takes care of branded email, providing a protected and Synced Xperience across your devices.