M365 Cloud PC

Simplicity of your PC in the Cloud.

Available for you Anywhere on Any Device.

Full Windows PC

Your Full feature-set of a traditional PC now available within the Cloud.

Single Sign-on

Sign-in with your M365 Suite Credentials for Easy and Seamless Access.

Complete Platform

Power to run all your Apps and more, resize for increased resources Anytime.

ONE Unified Desktop

Access across any of your devices in the same state, continue like you never left.

Cloud PC FAQ’s

Is Windows 10/11 License & Bandwidth Included?

Yes – Cloud PC is inclusive for each user subscribed to appropriate plan.

Can a user sign-in to their Cloud PC with M365 Credentials?

Yes – Cloud PC is integrated with AzureAD(M365 Sign-in), making it easy to sign-in to one’s personalized desktop with no additional credentials to remember.

Insight options?

Within CloudPC you have the option to add personalized services tailored to your business.  

  1. Advisor – ideal for getting to know features and how-to’s.
  2. Specialist – ideal for planning and implementation and on-going care.
  3. Consultant – takes an overall high-level view to understand what works best for your environment.
Cancelling User(s) or Plan options?

When cancelling user(s) or a plan, there may be an option to credit remaining term and use for any service renewals. There are no refunds for cancelling services, only credit to the account for other available services.

*If partnership connections are removed by client prior to end of plan term, this cancels plan(s) and forfeits any available credit. Re-establishing requires a new term following review and associated setup costs.

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