Custom Email..

Sync & Apps Baked-in

Email is so much more than just ’email’.

True Sync includes all aspects including Apps!

Custom & Personalized

Built around You and Your Brand – no generic so you can be authentic and unique across all avenues.

True Sync

Built-in so you don’t need add-ins or tech steps, syncs your email, contacts, calendar….replies, settings….etc.

Complete Platform

Custom Email, Apps, File Storage, Sync, Protection and more included in One Suite.



Microsoft 365 Business Basic

Custom Email with ActiveSync

OneDrive for File Sync & Storage

Email & File Threat Protection

One-to-One Insight Advisor

Suite Pro


Microsoft 365 Business Standard

Suite Features + Office Apps

Install Office on Desktop & Mobile

Integrated Device Protection

Insight Advisor & Specialist

Suite Pro X


$22/month with yearly

Microsoft 365 Business Premium

Suite Pro + Enhanced Integration

Auto Pilot for Device Provisioning

Advanced Device Threat Protection

Insight Advisor & Specialist

Suite Features

50 GB Custom Email Sync & Storage (you@yourbrand…)

1 TB File Sync & Storage

Team Sites & Sharing

Advance Threat Protection

Sync 5 Desktop/Laptop and 5 Mobile Devices per-user

Beautiful Web Mail with Full Sync Across Devices

Tasks, Notes, Calendar, Files, Email…all in Sync

Continuously updated with New Features

Seamless Real-time Sync over-the-air Anywhere

Replace CalDav/CardDav with built-in ActiveSync

Auto-Provision for NO Manual Device Setup


Is Mobile Sync Included?

Yes – (Apple, Android, Windows) simultaneously, allowing for 5 desktops/laptops and 5 mobile per-user.

Is Microsoft 365 Business included?

Yes – plans include:

  1. Suite – includes Microsoft 365 Business Basic
  2. Suite Pro – includes Microsoft 365 Business Standard
  3. Suite Pro X – includes Microsoft 365 Business Premium
Can I match services per-user or per-team?

Yes – you can have Premium and Essentials users.

  1. Some users may not have the need for Premium features.
  2. Essentials users can be upgraded to Premium at anytime, as well as downgrading from Premium to Essentials.
Is Sync over-the-air(cloud) without add-ons?

Yes – Sync is over-air(cloud) and Automatic, no need to use add-ons or…built-in ActiveSync is compatible with all supported devices and Outlook.

Do I get Exchange Email?

Yes – email is powered by Exchange Email with all functionality, protection and full Sync.

Is my email protected from SPAM and Malware?

Yes – your email has threat protection built-in helping minimize threats across your devices.

Is Suite suitable for 1-user?

Yes – single users are welcome and get all the same features. Need more in the future? Simply add more users to your existing plan at anytime.

Can I mix 365 Business Basic/Standard/Premium users?

Yes – If you feel certain features are not required for each user, you can certainly allocate per-user. Should you decide to change in the future, each user can upgrade/downgrade or move licenses per-user at anytime. Just keep in mind when making a change of the features a user will then not have once change is complete – at anytime feel free to reach out for guidance in making the appropriate decision for your environment.

Insight options?

Within Suite you have the option to add personalized services tailored to your business.  

  1. Advisor – ideal for getting to know features and how-to’s.
  2. Specialist – ideal for planning and implementation and on-going care.
  3. Architect – takes an overall high-level view to understand what works best for your environment.

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