ONE Unified Xperience Cloud Solutions

Personalization, Integration & Management

Solution Integration

Cloud Solutions that are Integrated with your business goals and opportunities.

Strategic Focus

Solutions planned for the long-run with a focus on your goals vs ad-hoc tech.

Unified Partner

Personalized Insight to help Plan, Create and Maintain your ONE Unified Xperience.

OUX Architecture

Design around that feel of ONE across Cloud, Business, Brand and End-User.

Cloud Solution Design

Insight provides a strategic focus on Solution Planning, Deployment and Maintaining. Fine-tuned around Personalized Integration for ONE Unified Experience across cloud, brand, business, users and devices to Do More.

Cloud Solution

– Integration & Automation

– Create 1-to-1 Solutions

– Inspire Efficient Design

– Single Pane of Glass

Cloud Protection

– Zero Trust Architecture

– Cross Layered Protection

– Secure EndPoint & User

– Plan, Design & Monitor

A few Areas of Insight

M365 / Azure AD

– Email (you@yourbrand…)

– M365 Solution Consultation

– Integration & Automation

– Azure AD Management


– Planning & Deployment

– Tailor Website Architecture

– Integrate Branded Domain(s)

– Site Design Solution Insight


– Registration & Management

– Unify Brand & Cloud Services

– Transfer & Unify App Services

– Enhance Privacy Protection


– Integrate Custom Domain

– Unify Email (you@yourbrand…)

– Unify Web (www.yourbrand…)

– Protection & Management

Integration & Automation

– Single Pane of Glass Design

– Bring Cloud & Business Together

– Create Efficient Scale Structure

– Inspire with Automated Xperience

Zero Trust

– Protection built-in by Design

– Baked-in Security Architecture

– Plan and Deploy in Increments

– Long-term Vision and Adoption

Cloud Advisor & Partner

Insight can help from the very beginning of cloud solution planning, through to being your long-term partner providing personalized 1-to-1 answers and custom solutions.


per block of time

Ideal for per-request scenarios

Incremental usage at anytime

Custom fit with Multi-level

Migrate to Plan Anytime


per month or year

Ideal for on-going partnership

Incremental usage at anytime

Custom fit with Multi-level

Save with Ongoing Plan


Ideal for per-project scenarios

Tailored around Project Goals

Custom fit with Multi-level

Insight Tasks



per request hour

OUX Solution Advisor

1-hr+ blocks of time



per request hour

OUX Solution Specialist

1-hr+ blocks of time



per request hour

OUX Solution Consulting

1-hr+ blocks of time

Pro X


per request hour

OUX Solution Integration

1-hr+ blocks of time

Looking for Monthly/Yearly Plan?

Insight Plans



monthly or ($20/m yearly)

OUX Solution Essentials

30-mins per month



monthly or ($32/m yearly)

OUX Solution Advisor

1-hr+ per month



monthly or ($72/m yearly)

OUX Solution Specialist

1-hr+ per month



monthly or ($88/m yearly)

OUX Solution Consulting

1-hr+ per month

Pro X


monthly or ($112/m yearly)

OUX Solution Integration

1-hr+ per month

Need a Project Option?

Insight Project


OUX Project Advisor

Custom per Project


OUX Project Specialist

Custom per Project


OUX Project Architect

Custom per Project


OUX Project Consultant

Custom per Project

Insight FAQ’s

What is OUX?

OUX is the short name for how an Integrated Solution should feel like – ONE Unified Xperience.

What is M365?

M365(Microsoft 365) is a suite of services with cross platform compatibility. Includes many services from Professional Custom Email(you@yourbrand..) with Exchange, File Sync with OneDrive and much more.

What is 1-to-1?

1-to-1(One-to-One) means a personalized service based around your requests and goals. Each answer or solution is tailored to your scenario, understanding more about what you do for zoned in Insight.

Are hours reserved?

Hours are a commitment of availability, for example on a monthly plan – if a particular month does not require full amount of hours, there is no roll-over, refund or other. Should there be an increase of usage or decrease on a continual basis, LoneSync will reach out to discuss alternative options personalized for you.

**Reserved time is for business hours only – additional time outside of business hours and holidays, requires an extended hours plan.

Is travel to site an option?

Travel to site is an option and based on per project, ideal for planning and project management with a visual of overall goals in person. Can also compliment remote work for a more balanced approach to certain project goals.

Costs associated with this option:

  • All travel(mileage, meal, accomodation…etc) costs + Insight rate.
  • Increased rates apply for extended hours and through holidays.

Cancel Plan Options?

When cancelling or changing a plan, there may be an option to credit remaining term and use for any service renewals. There are no refunds for cancelling services, only credit to the account and active services.

*If partnership connections are removed by client prior to end of plan term, this cancels plan(s) and forfeits any available credit. Re-establishing requires a new term following review and associated setup costs.

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