Updating Exchange UM to Cloud Voicemail

February 8, 2019

Unified Messaging (UM) in Exchange Online will be replaced by Cloud Voicemail (CVM) and Auto Attendant (AA) services in February 2020. This impacts Voicemail processing and Auto Attendant in Exchange Online for all customers using these workloads. The following server connections to Exchange UM Online will be transitioned by Microsoft to Cloud Voicemail on or before February 2020.

Exchange UM will be replaced in Feb 2020.

Customers using Exchange UM Online will be transitioned to Cloud Voicemail by Microsoft, transition timing will vary depending upon how your company has utilized the Unified Messaging features. Over the course of this calendar year, notifications will be available via the Office 365 Message Center of the coming transition. First group of customers will be notified in February 2019 and can expect to be transitioned in March 2019. Xperience for each customer will be transparent – Microsoft will switch your users over to Cloud Voicemail and perform the necessary validation and testing.

Customers using Auto Attendant in Exchange UM Online are required to upgrade to Cloud Auto Attendant before February 2020. Administrators will need to recreate their auto attendants in Cloud Auto Attendant and switch their phone numbers over.

Microsoft plans to introduce enhancements to the Cloud Auto Attendant service in early 2019 to provide customers with the necessary features to migrate their Auto Attendants from Exchange UM online, such as Hybrid Number support, multiple number support, transfer to PSTN, and more.

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