Thank You AWS for building a datacenter in Calgary

January 26, 2024

Thank you AWS for building a new datacenter region in Calgary, Alberta 🎉

Much appreciated and for being the 'lone wolf' of cloud providers to come West in Canada, and to select Calgary as the perfect location!

With opening on time and just before Christmas on Dec.20/2023 - intrigued LoneSync to begin using AWS more and bring services from other providers in the east to here in Calgary.  This is already shown to be a huge benefit and feels at home to have data in the west. :)   Now using AWS services to power web apps, hosting, DNS, and more, while providing customers with a seamless and consistent digital experience.

With the new AWS Canada West (Calgary) Region, there will be even more benefits, such as:

-Lower latency for western clients and in general development as Calgary area is home.
-Higher availability and security with multiple Calgary Availability Zones.

-More redundancy and resilience in DNS and cloud infrastructure.
-and more...

Very proud to see this vital step to help and be part of the vibrant and growing tech community in Calgary and Alberta, looking forward to collaborating with AWS and other tech players to foster innovation and development in the region.  At the same time pumped to serve our customers better with the new AWS Canada West (Calgary) Region, and to help them achieve their digital goals and aspirations.

Thank you AWS for coming to Calgary, and for being the ‘lone wolf’ of cloud providers to come West. 🤠

Chad Lone