Updating Exchange Sync

August 2, 2017

Exchange has traditionally been reserved for Enterprises when you look back a number of years. Which meant there would be dedicated servers within the corporation running Exchange for users who used to connect mainly within the corporate infrastructure. This infrastructure usually had plenty of bandwidth as the only cost was related hardware without paying for bandwidth since this was within the corporate ‘walls’.

As we move ahead several years and even within a decade mobility has transformed the work-place and ‘walls’ are no longer a boundary for the network. Exchange then needed to adapt to Syncing over much thinner bandwidth restrictions, which has done quite well and of course there is always room for improvement. These areas of improvement come through new techniques, better designs, devices becoming more adapt to Syncing and so on.

Now we go through the next phase of decreasing latency to make services feel lighter as you use them, lightening simply means when you interact with a service on your device it feels built-in since it’s so quick. There is less reliance on the type of internet connection you have, where the technology is becoming more intelligent to adapt and give you what you need when you need it.

Exchange is phasing out older protocols to allow for continual improvement, having the latest versions of Outlook 2013/2016 will be required to continue getting all the benefits. Over the next few months and continually your best options will be to keep your software running the latest versions, which will provide you with the best mobile experience and improved Security.