Sharable links in Word and Outlook for Windows and Mobile

March 14, 2019

Updates to key Office 365 apps are being made to ensure that document sharing by inserting links in Word, Outlook for Windows and Outlook for iOS uses the permission you’ve set at the organization level for OneDrive and SharePoint. This change aligns with the expected permission level for email recipients and collaboration partners when inserting shareable links into Outlook messages and Word.

Gradually rolling out in April 2019.

In April, Monthly Channel subscribers of Outlook for Windows and Word will start to see a new dialogue box when they chose to insert a link in an email or a Word document that lets them know that a shareable link is being retrieved. Inserting a link for a shared document in email (including Outlook for iOS) and Word will continue to show clear, actionable text reflecting the file name as it exists in OneDrive and SharePoint.

Email and Word email link permissions will default to organization’s Sharing settings within OneDrive Admin center, either “Shareable: Anyone with the link” or “Internal: Only people in your organization with the link”. Setting “Direct: Specific people” is not yet supported and permission will default to most permissive available link, if available.