Is Office 365 Professional?

March 26, 2013

Let’s discuss how even with just one user you can answer – Yes – to Is Office 365 Professional? – A single user is simply an account with only one user, whether you work at home, starting your small business or have an enterprise dream it’s all good here;)

- You have a service which you can share and collaborate with your team and partners anywhere, all services are integrated for easy and intuitive experience, you do not need IT to help you get setup or maintain.
- You get the same services Enterprises use to run their Organizations, except you get a full technical team to keep things running for you without the budget!
- Seamless administration of your account, only require one log-in to use all your services (email, collaboration, team site, instant messaging) All services are protected with premium virus and spam protection included, no more sorting through spam or ‘upgrading’ your protection.
- No separate junk email system to manage, it’s automated for you.

Now that you see the answer is Yes to Is Office 365 Professional. LoneSync also helps you with personal one-to-one help, whether you need just a few minutes of time or want more in depth to help your company, there’s a plan for you. If you are still asking the question – Is Office 365 Professional?, know that you will have a quality service that is also user-friendly.

While having help at your side to assure Office 365 will suite your business.