Office 365 Multi Factor Authentication

February 12, 2014

When it comes to your email, contacts, calendar and more you want most to keep this secure. Passwords can work but coming up with a strong one is hard and harder to remember. However the harder the password in theory it’s hard to guess and crack, now we are introducing an easier way to remain secure.

Provides a second option to authenticate your account, log-in and get a text for example to authenticate your log-in. Once you confirm then you can access your account, without the second step your account could not be accessed even with another user having your password.

Log-in with Office 365 Multi Factor Authentication enabled and you see options just like above. Adding this option is quick and seamless within your Office 365 admin panel shown below. Once Office 365 Multi Factor Authentication is enabled, yourself and users see the options available on their next log-in. Prompting to setup Office 365 Multi Factor Authentication best suited for them, whether it’s a phone call, text or other apps to authenticate their login preference.

Our goal is always to provide you with a secure log-in method, while there are multiple ways to keep a password strong and safe, it’s not always easy. With the introduction of Multi-Factor Authentication within Office 365, we feel this will help to add strong security in a familiar way to verify your own access.

Now you can be rest assured your account is secure with Office 365 Multi Factor Authentication, any log-in attempts will require the second step of authentication. Only authenticate when you are logging in, if another person was attempting with your password you will see a notification.

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