Office 365 Exchange Online Protection

November 4, 2014

Exchange Online Protection in Office 365 is constantly evolving to protect against tomorrow’s threats.

Learning from over 10 million spam messages blocked every minute, Microsoft can leverage this knowledge to build a smart protection that ‘just works’ for you! It’s with this experience that Office 365 is able to filter spam seamlessly, delivery only email which is relevant to each user. Threats come in all forms, from unidentified spam campaigns, malware to new viruses, the landscape is ever changing and a smart detection system is required to keep you and your devices safe. Exchange Online Protection continuously advances through experience and a smart team developing new tools for protection.

Efficient protection = Efficient users

With spam ever evolving, more resources are required to keep ahead of the next new threat and this impacts productivity of the end user. When a smart system of protection is developed, you gain an upper-hand of not only current evolving threats, but on new releases also. Using a system of manual protection and one that asks the user what to allow is not effective protection at all. Protection should know what to do behind the scenes without affecting the user, basically the user does not even know what is happening and can continue with their work un-interrupted. When you display a pop-up to the user, this distracts and takes away their original focus on their work, sometimes forgetting that creative thought can be damaging, as they were in the ‘zone’ prior to protecting asking what to do!

Evolving against tomorrow’s threats - Office 365 provides regular releases of updates and Exchange Online Protection is part of this release cycle, always getting the latest release of development for protection automatically. While protection signatures are continuously updating, the engine for the protection may require and update to better handle new threats and techniques, this release cycle provides this opportunity. Leading to a very robust protection system that keeps evolving with all the latest threats for all users on Office 365.

Office 365 Exchange Online Protection is built-in – providing you with continued protection across your devices.