Office 365 Business updating to Microsoft 365 Business

April 21, 2020

Today Office 365 for Business is updating naming to Microsoft 365 Business and here’s a list of the new names.

Naming is the only item changing here, pricing and feature-set remain the same throughout.

Updating naming is appropriate as these suites now offer much more than just Office Apps:

  • Suites now help you achieve ONE Unified Brand by personalizing your services.
  • Custom email(you@oneunifiedbrand…) powered by Exchange (de-facto Business Email Sync)
  • Custom Team Sites to power you and your team across boundaries and empower remote work.
  • Expansive Sync and Storage for all your files, docs, pictures and full team Collaboration.
  • Full Office Suite Apps to install on your Windows and Mac devices.
  • Mobile Office Apps for your Android and Apple devices.
  • Advanced Threat Protection for your Email, Files, Devices….etc
  • Single Sign-on across Apps and Device Integration.
  • ….much more built-in for ONE Unified Xperience

LSX Suite provides flexibility to adjust levels(Basic, Standard, Premium) on a per-user basis.

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