Office 365 Business to Microsoft 365 Business Update

February 20, 2021

Early in 2020 Office 365 began a transition to the new name of Microsoft 365.

- This was a natural transition to encompass all of what Microsoft now offers vs solely an Office Suite.

- While naming changed, pricing and features remained the same - yet features have only expanded since.

- Office naming was a bit confusing as well for some trying to understand just what was within this Offer, as Office was traditionally Word, Excel, Outlook and so on.  So what did this really mean when adding 365, other than having Office Apps available online.

- Microsoft 365 provides a much broader view of services which can and are now included within the Suite, at the same time separating between Home and Business editions.  Helping to clear up prior confusion between offering and expanding feature set as you go from Business to Enterprise suites as well.


Updated naming has been progressing quite nicely across products and services, this takes time to change across such an expansive suite but coming togetherLoneSync Suite plans have been updated to reflect these changes as well, which has actually made this easier to define what each plan includes.


Going forward Microsoft 365 Business will be referenced in relation to 3 plan levels for Small to Medium Business:

- Microsoft 365 Business Basic

- Microsoft 365 Business Standard

- Microsoft 365 Business Premium


Plans are matched up with LoneSync Suite plans as follows:

- Suite (Microsoft 365 Business Basic)

- Suite Pro (Microsoft 365 Business Standard)

- Suite Pro X (Microsoft 365 Business Premium)



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