Office 365 Business or Home

February 9, 2016

Understandably there is some confusion between Office 365 Home and Business editions, more about when should one choose the Business edition over the Home edition. Actually one of the main key differentials between the plans, is Email, Contacts, Calendar…Sync. Business edition provides full Outlook features, which includes your own email ( Office 365 Home only provides Microsoft Office and File Sync through OneDrive Personal.

Office 365 Business is built for Any Size of Business – you can be a sole proprietor and have access to all the features above. One user or 1000’s, Office 365 is built to scale and adapt to your business needs with no limits.

If you have an existing company email, you can migrate this to Office 365 Business also – complete flexibility for your business. Check out the business features here, with very attractive pricing that’s all inclusive – your business will thank you :)