Office 365 and Dropbox Partner Together

November 5, 2014

With the new Microsoft vision of putting people first in mobility and making collaboration more seamless, Office 365 and Dropbox are now working together to make this vision come true.  Now working in Office and your favorite file storage service will be built-in for a seamless experience. Whether you choose OneDrive Business or Dropbox, or both you will have your files available and in Sync with you on any device. Sync will not be limited to just your files, this will adapt to your settings within Office also, remembering where you left off in a document, settings for the App.

Gradually rolling out in 2015.

Office Apps are getting this new update within the coming weeks, where Dropbox will be a seamless option so you can access, edit and share your Dropbox files right from your Office Apps. Office 365 and Dropbox simply means both services will work together like they were meant to be, no more switching programs and trying to adapt a way to work more seamless – this is all done for you:)

Editing a document in your Dropbox is just as seamless, simply click ‘edit’ and the appropriate app is opened up for editing of the corresponding document. At the same time automatically saving your changes back to Dropbox. Sharing your files is just as easy directly from within Word, PowerPoint or Excel, simply invite others to work with you by sharing a link to your file on Dropbox.

There you have it, if you use Dropbox and want it to work with Office together this update will make this happen. While this is just launching, there will be more features coming early 2015 for Office Online and related services, now you have the choice of which storage service to use all while still using your familiar Office!