New Feature: Windows Outlook Cloud Settings

June 4, 2020

Coming in late June 2020 - Windows Outlook will receive an update which saves your Outlook settings to the Cloud.  What this means is when you install Outlook on multiple devices or re-install, your personalized settings will now roam with you - saving time setting up each setting with each install.

With this update, the following Cloud settings will be available:

- General
- Mail
- Calendar
- Groups
- People
- Tasks
- Search
- Ease of Access
- Advanced

Roaming(Cloud Settings) will be on by default and automatically Sync with your current sign-in.

Settings can be accessed within Windows Outlook:

- File > Options > Outlook Options > General
- Here you see the Option for 'Save my Outlook Settings to the Cloud'
- Removing check will disable Sync if you prefer a manual setup.

This is an Exciting update to help remove the tedious task of personalizing Outlook with each setup.

Have fun!

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