New Digital Business Protection Plans

June 10, 2022

When looking at options for continued protection of your business into the future, there is a need to implement enhanced protection across all services as standard.  With increased activity from threats and new techniques emerging, it's becoming clear that this type of activity will only continue and having options for basic/premium protection is no longer suitable.

  • Protection needs to be baked into service framework.
  • Protection needs to be smart and stable while under attack without affecting services.

With our dependency on digital services running continuously, return on investment is high as this helps to reduce downtime and costly diagnosing which service is affected.  As more services are integrated, one can have an affect across others and in turn makes it difficult to know where the source of current slow/outage is coming from.  DNS is especially tricking to know when it's being affected, as it can look like your internet connection or application has failed - when it's a lookup causing the problem across all.  By implementing protection by default this helps to keep all services running smooth and much less prone to these types of scenarios.

Keeping the infrastructure running smooth, provides a much better framework for everything else running on top to run just as smooth.

  • All services will become fully managed for you.
  • Basic DNS and Studio will no longer be available.
  • Basic services will move to Managed Services.
  • Pricing increase will be tailored to current services required for your business.
  • Individual services will be combined under one 'Digital Business Solution' model tailored for your business.

All services will be phased over to this model and to be completed by Mar.01 / 2023

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