Microsoft 365 Security & Compliance Dashboard

April 10, 2018

Administration within Office/Microsoft 365 has been advancing quickly with a fresh new modern design which is both pleasing to view and administer. When you have something that is Beautiful in design the rest just seems to feel much more enjoyable, after all we administrators can spend hours within and access on a regular basis. So, why would you want to look at grey/white on a frequent basis? Colors, spacing and just the right accents can make all the difference – much faster for spotting areas of concerns, implementing new features and much more.

Gradually rolling out in 2019.

With built-in reports, graphing and related – this also makes the administrators job much easier when showing visuals for executives and decision makers. Such as looking at ways to better secure your company, having a visual of what you are currently facing makes it much quicker to make an informed decision.

Now your company can split roles between data and security compliance with a more granular approach, while having one unified dashboard for overall administration. Viewing reports, policies and more is now also much faster and intuitive, improved search options allow for improving your diagnosis of current threats and related solutions.

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