Junk Email Filtering that ‘Just Works’

May 10, 2015

Email remains an important part of our communication, it’s easy to organize and consistent – yet services providing email do not always provide you with a seamless solution. Junk email filtering is a key component which can really make-or-break your email experience. There are many ways to filter email and far too often services being deployed to help with junk or spam filtering end up asking you more questions of what should be filtered. Adding a combination of white lists and others that simply add more time to your day having to deal with browsing through all your junk email to find the clean email you want.

We’ve all seen email that is blatantly junk and still arriving in the inbox, where is the intelligence in the filtering process if users have to intervene manually. Either clicking a link or some other technique, why can’t you as a user simply right-click or move a suspected email to junk and this automatically and intelligently starts the process of reporting junk email. Furthermore, junk email should automatically move to a separate ‘junk email’ folder vs. tagging email and requiring a separate rule to be created. This should be dynamic and in essence ‘just work’ for you, filtering email automatically and making very intelligent decisions on what is really junk email.

Office 365 has taken many steps of this into account, adding seamless junk email filtering that works without separate log-ins, quarantines or related. Simply removing junk email that is truly junk and then allowing only items which you may want, providing you with minimal junk email which is filtered automatically to your junk email and keep your inbox clean. When you get just the email you want, it’s much easier to manage your email and keep an organized inbox and associated folders.

Try out Office 365 for Effective Junk Filtering and see how your email experience improves automatically – enjoy your Email experience once again :)