inTune Management is now on Azure

March 10, 2018

inTune provides your organization with MDM(mobile device management) services and is now powered by the Azure platform and managed within. While this feature has been in preview for a few months, now you can directly manage all inTune functions within Azure without the split between the two.

inTune Management now in Azure.

This is a significant rebuild and re-architecture of inTune to become a cloud powered service which is highly scalable and flexible for your environment. Previously inTune was running with a Silverlight management portal which had become dated, Azures latest portal is a much more modern experience and continually advancing to allow for increased functionality, automation and integration across services for that ‘baked-in’ feeling. Active Directory is also available within Azure and fundamental for device and user management, managing both side-by-side allows for a much more tailored administration experience.