Hosted Exchange Microsoft 365

April 25, 2013

Exchange is the premium solution for your Business Communications, Small to Enterprise with No Compromise with Hosted Exchange Office 365.

Hosted Exchange in Microsoft 365

Hosted Exchange provides you with a online solution to gain Enterprise functionality without the hassle. Making this available to the Small Business at just a per mailbox fee per month, no longer having the traditional costs of deployment, servers and all that jazz. Simply subscribe for as many users as you and you are up and running with Sync across your Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks along with team members and more. Exchange is the holy grail when it comes to a seamless sync across your devices, no longer requiring add-ons or long steps just to get your devices to see a mirror image.

Prior to Microsoft 365 being introduced, Hosted Exchange was the only solution for your business to take advantage of the features without the costs. Exchange powers many Fortune 500 companies and provides so much more than just plain old email, or requiring manual sync of devices and so on. Office Outlook comes alive when paired with Exchange, providing a central point where all your devices can connect and Outlook is now in real-time, no longer the traditional check every few minutes.

How does Hosted Exchange by Microsoft 365 compare with Hosted Exchange as a standalone?

- Exchange itself is available for on-site within your company deployment, or online through a partner or hosted provider. Deploying on-site is costly for not only deployment, but on-going maintenance for continuous availability. When you move that work off-site to an on-line provider, you now have a predictable fee per user and your provider takes care of all the behind scenes work for you.

- Hosted Exchange has many benefits from technical and end-user benefits, however there are a few restraints when compared with Microsoft 365. Hosted Exchange is generally a stand-alone product - Microsoft 365 Exchange is just the beginning of integration benefits for a seamless end-user and administrator experience. Hosted Exchange works well with SharePoint and Lync - Microsoft 365 takes this to a new level of integration across products, along with the ability to communicate outside your company without additional fees. Using Lync for instant communication, presence, meetings and more can now be used with External contacts and partners. Hosted Exchange provides seamless Mobility - Microsoft 365 provides seamless mobility across devices included Free, many providers charge a per device fee.

- Hosted Exchange administration can be quite technical - Microsoft 365 administration is designed to be for the end-user, Small Business plans have less confusing options to help remove technical barriers. Midsize and up have more technical features to adapt to corresponding environments. Hosted Exchange protection is dependent on providers choice – possible add-ons - Microsoft 365 protection is built-in and included at no additional cost. Protection learns automatically and does not require technical tuning, allows for end-user adjustment using the junk email options built into Outlook Web App and Outlook.

Exchange is very much a quality solution and your freedom to choose is widely available. When it comes to choosing between Microsoft 365 and Exchange as a standalone, look at your current and future plans. If you want to use an Exchange provider, ask their plans and if you want services that are integrated to provide a seamless end-user experience, check into any additional costs.

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