Google Sync End

March 26, 2013

ActiveSync is Ending for Free Gmail Accounts

1) Some sync related protocols have already ended.
2) Full Sync will no longer be supported for free.
3) Combination setup will be required.
4) Manual setup is required and still does not provide a complete sync.

What is Google Sync?

Google Sync provides you with a mobile experience, allowing you to travel with your email/contacts/calendar. Multiple device access, you could update a contact on one device and see this updated on your other devices automatically. Google Sync is run on Microsoft Technology called ‘Exchange/ActiveSync’. Without a Sync Technology to connect with, you will require a couple methods to get your phone setup along with add-ons to update. This leads to a manual process and one which really does not provide a seamless experience for you.

What is IMAP?

IMAP allows your devices to connect to your email and resemble a basic sync, where you read an email on your device and your web access or desktop sees that you have read the email. However there is not copy of if you replied, forwarded or other and your sent messages are not followed unless this is setup through a third-party feature. Your contacts and calendar do not Sync, so all you get now is the ability to have a basic sync of email, unless additional manual setup is completed or add-ons installed on each and every device.
Any rules setup for sorting email do not follow on each device either.

What is CardDav?

This is a protocol which allows for basic syncing of contacts, however this is another manual setup and is required on each device connecting, it’s not automatic and does not provide a seamless experience. Open Protocol only means that this is built on the ‘open-source’ technology development however is not a standard which all devices have available, make sure to check into this prior.

Here is a link to the article posted by Google about the Google Sync End of Life:

Business customers for Google Apps continue to be serviced by a form of Google Sync, whether this will remain the same into the future or require a change is something you want to plan. Recent downgrades of Gmail are of a concern and require some thought to what you require as a user. ActiveSync is a very popular service supported by many SmartPhone manufactures and works very well, built by Microsoft it’s the status-quo across SmartPhones and Email providers alike.

What are my FREE options?

- Continue to use Gmail with a manual setup and available add-on options.

- Migrate to the new Hotmail service called ( where you get ActiveSync and Auto-Discover for a seamless experience.  ActiveSync means you get to have all your (email/contacts/calendar/tasks) following you on any device you use. Auto-Discover means you setup your device with just your email and password, the rest is automatically completed for you. Check out the new Hotmail here at (

Also you can migrate your Gmail account to Outlook


If you are ready for a truly seamless business option:

Check out Office 365 and get your own personalized domain (

Sync and automatic setup available from ( taken to the next level of professional experience. LoneSync is all about providing a Unified Xperience with no add-ons or manual setups required. Keeping all your devices inSync Anywhere you Go!


Just remember to plan and ask questions for future planning, although current devices will not be affected what happens when you have to replace yours? It’s the little things that make all the difference and with these changes your day-to-day gets more complicated with the more devices you use.