Auto Office 365 Deployment

June 8, 2018

Deploying Office software to your users desktops has traditionally meant a manual download and install…up till now of course!

Gradually rolling out 2019.

Within Microsoft 365 as an administrator you can set Office to be deployed to a users device automatically. With a Microsoft 365 Business Premium license the user has the ability to download Office software, which now allows you to set the same user for automatic install upon connecting a Windows 10 device.

Automatic install is available when:

1) User is assigned a Microsoft 365 Business Premium license.

2) Has Windows 10 Pro and is connected via Work sign-in credentials from either initial setup of the device, or joined via new profile on an existing device. Here is more on the FRX(First Run Xperience) and ERX(Existing Run Xperience) for connecting Windows 10 Pro.

3) Once a device is joined via Work Credentials / AzureAD – software can be pushed to the device.

Zero-touch is the end goal when deploying a new device for users and this brings one much closer.