1TB Business file Sync

April 28, 2014

With Today’s announcement for 1TB Business File Sync coming to OneDrive Business users over the next couple months.  This means you can store more online and have Seamless access across all your devices with included Apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows.

1) All Business users will be seeing an increase from your current 25GB of storage to 1TB per user.

2) Migration tools to help you migrate from other platforms will now make it easy to move from another provider.

There is no action required to take advantage of these additions and increases of storage size for OneDrive. 1TB Business File Sync will be added to all Business users subscriptions and will start to show up within the next few months.

With a comprehensive Sync and Share Solution – you and your team can stay on the same page with ease. No more having to send email attachments, clogging up in-adequate systems or having to sign-in to multiple applications.  OneDrive Business is built-in and with a single sign-on across all your services, this means you can get back to doing what you are good at – no more worries!

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