Welcome to your NEW LoneSync 🎉

November 16, 2023

Welcome to your NEW LoneSync and Digital Xperience Studio 🎉


Solutions are being Unified under DX(Digital Xperience) for improved communication to help remove terms that are inherently part of the overall solution.


Cloud, Web, AI...etc terms are all part of creating your tailored Digital Xperience.

-Some are new terms for previous methods, unifying under Digital will standardize solutions.


Communication is getting a friendly touch with more personalization for that one-on-one feel.

-Prior slogan 'One Unified Xperience' has updated to 'Digital Xperience Studio'

-OUX is always the goal and LoneSync name already matches this vision.

-DXS helps to zone in around inclusive Digital with personalized solutions.


LoneSync now develops and powers more solutions independently to provide enhanced customization.

-DX Platform now powers Web, Storage, Compute, DNS...etc - developed and owned by LoneSync.

-Cloud based services run on privately owned hardware and network by LoneSync.


LoneSync integration has also expanded to help with unifying and tailoring solutions.

-Solution integrations are now available for Microsoft 365/Azure and Amazon Web Services.


Personalization of Solutions has been a key driver in LoneSync becoming the Platform - to provide that tailored touch across your Digital Xperience.


Here are DX Solutions available now:

-DX Web Studio (build and power your website)

-DX Hosting (platform to power web applications)

-DX Domain (name to be used for web, email...etc)

-DX Anycast DNS (global domain name servers network)

-DX Copilot (your digital companion and partner - coming soon..)


Along with tailored 1-on-1 Insight options:

-DX Guide

-DX Advisor

-DX Consultant


LoneSync DX Platform has been in testing for the past year and results have passed all prior solutions - previous hurdles have been solved and now allowing development to focus on new solutions, designs, goals and more.  This will provide a much more streamlined approach to smooth running solutions, along with tailoring for additional personalization and enhancements, such as AI(Artificial Intelligence) around personalized goals accordingly.


I appreciate the opportunity to share these updates with you.


Chad Lone

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