Updated Compliance Manager Xperience

January 18, 2019

Compliance Manager is getting an update to help you assess your compliance risks more effectively – adding Secure Score and the ability to customize your assessments for Microsoft and non-Microsoft applications. Integration with Secure Score means that you will now get credit for both Compliance Score and Secure Score when implementing security-oriented controls.

New Xperience can monitor your tenant’s configuration settings and update your scores automatically when a security setting is configured in according with the Secure Score or Compliance Manager guidance.

Additionally, now import your own assessments in Compliance Manager, including assessments for non-Microsoft applications and for standard and regulations that are not included in Compliance Manager by default. New Xperience is only for Microsoft 365 at this time and will be gradually rolling out to customers by the end of April, and the roll-out is expected to be completed worldwide by the end of May. When your tenant gets the new experience, you’ll still have access to all existing assessment data via the new experience for at least 6 months.

After that, you’ll have the option to export your data or migrate it to the new experience.