TLS Transition

June 1, 2021

There's an important security transition happening and requires some attention if running older software, as current going forward will remain compatible.


TLS(Transport Layer of Security) Transition

This refers to Security Certificates that secure any Website using (https://...)

As part of ongoing effort to provide a more secure internet experience for everyone, all websites are being motivated to use (http(s) vs non-secure http).

Search engines are beginning to add weight to having a secure website.

Secure website Certificates were originally one used for sites which had log-ins and client data.

TLS/SSL used to be more compute intensive and added time to loading the site, now with advancements this is no longer the case.

Securing every website means less prone to hacking and then using the website to spread infections, spam....etc.


TLS has gone through several versions just like any software as security advances.

Transitions have been smooth and up to now did not require any significant mention.

Now there is a transition that will leave a user seeing only a white page or error if using an older web browser.

With this update in Security, your Internet Browser(Edge, Chrome, Firefox....) all need to be running the latest updates.

With this major change there is no backwards compatibility and all website certificates along with browsers need to be current.

Without updating a visitor will begin to notice more and more websites are not available, once updating then all become available again.


This Transition is required for Significantly improving Security and all will benefit from this update.

If you are running the latest updates and come across a site causing an error, it could be that website needs to update their certificate as well.


As always running the latest updates overall keep you safe and less prone to interruptions with changes.  Once you have the latest version of your Internet Browser the rest will continue to be smooth, there is no additional actions required on your side and just know this security change helps improve your online safety as well.  If you have a website and manage your own certificates, check into seeing if they need to be rolled for early renewal to prevent users seeing an error page.