Private Lync Benefits in a Pandemic

April 21, 2020

Within a Pandemic as we are in now, there will always be those who try to exploit a crisis for their own opportunity.  As we do more online to remain at home and help keep our family, friends and neighbors safe, this also means a high target area for online opportunists.

Now simply using a device online does not make you a target in itself, at the same time knowing a bit about security can go a long way to keep you safe.  Key thing to remember is to keep whatever device you use up-to-date.  Updates not only improve stability and functionality, allot of the time these will help to close off areas of threat or vulnerability.  Usually threats come from a known source of vulnerability, where an app or device has a weak point and can be used to leverage hacking attempts within.

Updates can be found through your Devices App Store:

– Android Play
– Apple Store
– Windows Updates (within Settings)

Each of these areas will show you Apps you have waiting for updates, depending on the number of Apps installed you may need to run update process a few times to complete all.  Taking the time to complete these updates on a regular basis will save you hours in headaches and possible breaches from which an update could’ve protected you.

Now that your device is up to date, next is looking at safe practices while online:

– Use sites you feel are trustworthy, clicking on any Search result can lead to trouble – when searching take your time to look at the title and description along with url.  Sometimes there are tell tail signs of a site that looks fake even before clicking the link.  As one begins to do more of this type of practice, you see a pattern that begins to emerge and become safer for this practice.

– Share your device only with those who you trust, assure they are browsing safely as well and not installing apps and such that you do not want on your device.
– When using any site that asks you to sign-in, make sure the site has a lock symbol in the address bar as well as (https://…) at the beginning of the website address.  This tells you the site is secure and your credentials entered are encrypted in a tunnel from your device through to the site you are signing into.
– If you get an alert about a site not being secure, then do not enter any type of credentials as this can then been seen by any connection along the way.

Secure your Internet Connected with a Private Lync

– A Private Lync/VPN provides you with an encrypted connection for all your Online Internet activities.
– Encryption adds a tunnel of security which shields your activity from prying eyes, whether it’s an internet provider or others tapping into your Wi-Fi and other sources.
– Within a VPN(Virtual Private Network) you get a Private and Dedicated Lync which is solely dedicated to you, not shared and is therefore not visible to any other source.
– Typically this is very useful for travel and using WiFi Hotspots to protect yourself, but in an environment like we are in now it’s ideal to protect your online activities.

Taking these steps to protect online will very much help you stay ahead, of course there are other avenues of protection that can be implemented – but make sure they are applicable to you and does not over-complicate what you do.  Adding too many avenues can actually have a negative effect and open you up to threats, know what protection you have and this will help identify when something isn’t working just right.

If you are looking for your own Private Lync – take it for a Free Trial spin anytime!

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