How Anycast DNS Can Improve Web Performance

January 20, 2024

If you are looking for a way to speed up your website, reduce latency, and enhance security, you might want to consider using Anycast DNS.

Anycast DNS is a traffic routing algorithm that uses one IP address on multiple nodes to deliver DNS queries to the nearest and best available DNS server.  Here we'll look at what Anycast DNS is, how it works, and why you should choose LoneSync as your Anycast DNS provider and digital experience partner.

What is Anycast DNS?

🌎 DNS stands for domain name system, and it is the system that translates domain names (the names of websites) into alphanumeric IP addresses that machines can read. This is known as “resolving” a domain name, and DNS servers are the servers that manage the resolving. When a user wants to load a website, the client device needs to query a DNS server for the IP address of that website.

🌎 Anycast DNS is a way of routing DNS queries to the nearest and best available DNS server, instead of to a specific DNS server.  Anycast DNS works by using routing protocols such as Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) to send DNS queries to a network of DNS servers that share the same IP address. The routing protocols will choose the optimal path based on factors such as distance, congestion, and availability.  This way, DNS queries and responses will follow the shortest and fastest route possible, resulting in lower latency and faster web performance.

🌎 Anycast DNS also provides high availability and security for DNS services.  If one DNS server goes offline or is overloaded, Anycast DNS will automatically route the queries to another DNS server in the network, ensuring that the DNS service is always up and running.  Anycast DNS can also help mitigate DNS flood attacks, which are a type of distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack that aim to overwhelm a DNS server with a large number of fake queries. Anycast DNS can distribute the attack traffic among multiple DNS servers, reducing the impact and risk of the attack.


How does LoneSync use Anycast DNS?

LoneSync offers Anycast DNS as one of its solutions, and it is integrated through tailored solutions for performance and security.

-🎢 Improving Web services reliability and smoothen the end-user experience through tailoring connected services.

-🧬 Unifying your services under custom branded domains for the that in-sync look and feel.

-✨ Enhancing experiences across multiple geographical locations by reducing latency and failover connections.

-📊 Continuous monitoring and route learning to adjust automatically as new zones come online.


With LoneSync, you can enjoy the following benefits of Anycast DNS:

-✅ Leverage the power of Anycast DNS to route your DNS queries to the nearest and best available DNS server, reducing latency and increasing web speed.

-✅ Access DX Guide, the DX Advisor, and the DX Consultant, one-on-one tailored DX insight services that help you get guidance, and develop strategy for your web services.

-✅ Integrate your web apps, hosting, DNS, and more with a unified approach that provides you with a seamless and consistent digital experience.