Cyber Security Update

February 26, 2022

With events happening in Ukraine and pressure by the global community to restrain these conflicts, there is now a rise in Cyber Threats Globally.


- While most are targeted at certain resources, there is also a broader approach to destabilize nations by creating multiple emergencies.

- Longer this goes on, more scammers and related come on board with increased phishing, spoofing and other scams as well.


It's an important time to review back-up plans, restoration and keeping your account safe.

-Make sure multi-authentication is enabled for your account and any/all users

-Make sure any Admin accounts are not used for general day-to-day operations and that access is strict and limited.

-Carefully review emails coming through, check from address and any indications one could be a fake.

-There will be more attempts to gain your trust by these actors, such as mimicking a trusted account within your company.


Any size of company is a target, as it's more about volume then size of any one particular company.


Protection and Monitoring for your services has increased to help identify new threats and global threat trends.