Welcome to ONUX Solution Support

Do more with Office 365 when you have personalized solution support.  A friendly contact who becomes your main point-of-contact for any of your Office 365 questions.  Providing insight on options and solutions which benefit you and your business, along with tailored implementation of settings and more...


With your own personalized Solution Specialist you can do more:

  • Adopt Office 365 with confidence:  knowing your team is here to help you succeed.
  • Focus on your business: let us take care of managing Office 365 for you, so you can focus on what you do best.
  • Primary point of contact: your contact taking care of all requests on your behalf with personalized solutions.
  • Solution expertise: benefit from our knowledge to help decipher options and more..
  • One service: with easy per-user subscriptions and one contact.


ONUX Solution Support provides you with ONE Unified Xperience, no longer do you deal with levels of support or just service related.  You get one point-of-contact who personalizes each request for you.  Understanding what's needed and is in touch with the appropriate contacts on your behalf, without tying up your time so you can get back to doing what you do best.

ONUX Solution Support Plans


1-to-1 dedicated solution support

Office 365 Planning & Integration

All O365 components & domains

Flexible plans based on per-user

3-requests & tasks per-user

ONE point of contact


per user/year


1-to-1 managed solution support

Office 365 Planning & Integration

All O365 components & domains

Flexible plans based on per-user

4-requests & tasks per-user

ONE point of contact


per user/year

What's the main difference between Dedicated & Managed?
Dedicated provides you with solution support with tasks shared between you(r)/team and us.
Managed provides you with solution support which is geared towards us managing for you, so you can carry on doing what you do best...
Are you an Office 365 CSP?
Yes, our Office 365 CSP(Cloud Solution Provider) partnership means we work directly with Microsoft and your business - providing an integral partnership that's personal to your business.

ONUX SS : Task

Mailbox Migration



O365 Users



O365 Domain



O365 Review



Looking for more?


custom tasks

flexible to adapt to small tasks

personalized Office 365 services

ideal for quick and standard tasks

includes 30-mins w/option to add


(one-time per purchase)


one-to-one solutions

solution planning to implemenation

unified professional cloud solutions

ideal for O365 & hosting projects

includes 1-hr w/option to add


(one-time per purchase)


solution insight

Insight for Solution Planning

O365 - hosting - infrastructure

ideal for understanding options

includes 2-hrs w/option to add


(one-time per purchase)

With ONUX you get a team approach, a partner working with you on solutions tailored for your business goals.  With a vision of ONE Unified Xperience across your business solutions.


ONUX Solution Support : FAQs

Can you manage my domain/dns for me?
Yes, we will review your domain to assure all settings are correct for your O365.  Having the domain setup correctly is very important for the best experience, as these records will improve the user experience immensely when done correctly.
Can I request via email or online portal?
Yes, you can either use our online portal (https://my.lonesync.com) to sign-in and request and track all requests including history.  As well you can send in via email to (solutions at lonesync.com) - this needs to be from the email address you have on account with us.
What is ONUX Solution Support?
ONUX is our brand for ONE Unified Xperience - where all our solutions are delivered with the vision of providing this same Xperience.  Not only within the solution, but us as your solution provider not leaving you with multiple silos of contacts.  Having these silos can result in the general run-around when things are not working appropriately or trying to find a solution.
From our solutions through to client care - are unified to provide quality care working with you.
What is O365 branding?
Within Office 365 Business/Enterprise, we can add your logo and personalize the sign-in page for your business.  We will either get a logo from your website or ask that you have one provided to correctly fit the Office portal requirements. Adding your brand helps personalize O365 to you and your business, it's a nice touch to make it feel more like your business home.
Can I request via a phone call?
Phone call options are only included in Dedicated / Managed plans, all calls are scheduled to keep your call efficient.  It's best to send in your request with details prior to the call, then we can have the appropriate information and schedule a call with you.
What is O365 monthly checkup?
For our Dedicated and Managed plans, we continually monitor important aspects of your Office 365 account.   Health of the account services is monitored and items like your domain settings which are crucial to keep your services running smooth. With new services and features being continually added to Office 365, we also keep you updated on items that could be a benefit to your business.  At the same time enabling and personalizing these features for you.
Can I self-cancel a subscripton?
Yes, you can at anytime access your account and cancel a subscription at anytime.  There are no cancellation fees - you can also downgrade a subscription without cancelling.  Say you have the dedicated plan and no longer require this service but would like the basics plan, simply down-grade within your account.
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