Microsoft CSP

ONE Unified Cloud Xperience

Empowering a Unified Xperience takes innovation, inspiration, planning and talent with a long-term vision to bring this all together. There are allot of moving parts which need to natively integrate with each other for a seamless end-user Xperience. It’s key to have partnerships that can work together and inspire towards this unified vision.

Microsoft of today is much more open to new ideas and innovation, and very much needed to build a premium end-user quality Xperience. Through this change, it’s a pleasure to Partner with Microsoft as a Cloud Solution Provider.

Consulting & Planning for Microsoft 365 / Office 365
End-User Licensing for Microsoft 365 / Office 365
Domain & DNS Management
Cloud Insight & Solutions

Suite provides flexible 365 licensing based on your environment per-user. Along with options for adding custom domains, dns, tying in external services….etc.

Insight provides personalized consulting, planning and management services for existing 365 users, as well as assistance with planning for purchasing 365 services.

LoneSync(by Chad Lone Consulting) – Unified Xperience Solutions from Alberta, Canada.

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