LSX Care & Insight

your ONE Unified Xperience

Integrated (Solution Care – Consulting – Implementation…) with built-in Personalization

Personalized for You

Care & Insight are personalized to your unique requirements now and into the future.

365 Integration

Tailored Solutions helping you take advantage of more built-in and external integration.

EndPoint Care

Guidance and Setup Insight for your devices, protection and continual personalized care.


Personalized help to implement your domain (yourname.tld…), email (you@yourname…)…

ONUX Plans

ONUX Care & Insight




Personalized ONUX Care

Microsoft 365 / inTune / AzureAD

Domain / DNS / Web / SharePoint

Flexible Plan to Start & Grow

per-request or month/year

ONUX Insight



Personalized ONUX Insight

Microsoft 365 / inTune / AzureAD

Domain / DNS / Web / SharePoint

Custom Consultation & Planning

per-request or month/year

LSX Benefits

Integrated Solutions provide a much smoother End-User Xperience, improved Security and overall allow for future growth and advancement. Whether you are a Small Business or Enterprise, Unified Technology Integration is key to your business overall and requires consistent implementation.

LSX Care and Insight helps you plan, integrate and care for your Unified Xperience.  Continually learning about your business and providing personalized insight based on your unique goals.


Could you manage my LSX Suite on my behalf?

Yes – your suite can be fully managed for you while keeping you updated on all interaction. Including continual planning to personalize services and features for your business.

Is Monthly reserved and dedicated?

Yes – Each plan level has reserved time for your company, this is per-month and dedicated to your business needs. Time is efficiently used per-month based on your projects and requests.

*Reserved means a real person is working with your business. Since this is a highly personalized service for you, reserved time helps to maintain quality. Therefore your reserved hours are a commitment of availability, if a particular month does not require full amount, there is no roll-over, refund or other. Should you require less time on a continual basis, LoneSync will reach out to discuss alternative options personalized for you.

**Reserved time is for business hours only – additional time outside of business hours and holidays, requires an extended hours plan.

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