LSX Lync

Private Internet Lync Anywhere for ONE Unified Secure Xperience

ONE Location

Travel across Any Network and maintain that feel of being on ONE Network. Apps & Services simply run much smoother.

Protecting You

Enhanced Privacy, Protection and Improved online Xperience with your own Private Lync. Securing You & Your Devices.

Connect Anywhere

You get a smoother Xperience while travelling and crossing multiple networks. Feels like ONE Network Anywhere.

Less Addons

Connect using built-in VPN options within your device. Cross-platform for Android, Apple, Linux & Windows.

Lync Plans

3-Day Free Trial

Lync Trial with NO commitment



per month

Private Lync 256-Bit Encryption


Connect up to 5-devices



($5/month) paid per year

Private Lync 256-Bit Encryption


Connect up to 5-devices

Lync Features

Unified Private Access

256-Bit Encryption

Connect Anywhere

DDoS protection built-in



Cross Platform - Windows, iOS, Android and Mac OS

Use on your desktop, smartphone, laptop....

Multiple locations


What protocols are supported?

Multiple Protocols are supported for flexibility - PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN (TCP/UDP)

How many devices can I connect?

Each user can connect up to 5-devices simultaneously.

Countries Available for my Private Lync?

LSX VPN has connection points in:

  1. Canada, United States
  2. Asia, Australia, Bulgaria, France, Finland, India, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, United Kingdom.
Does the Trial require a credit card?

No - you can add one to make upgrade to a plan easier, or simply select PayPal option to continue. PayPal option allows you to proceed with no payment or subscription required.

During Free Trial - can I upgrade to a paid plan without changes?

Yes - a Free Trial can be upgraded at anytime within trial period, which simply moves from trial to paid plan with no changes. Which means all editing completed within trial stays with you through to plan upgrade.

Does Trial Require Cancellation if I do not upgrade to a paid plan?

No - Trial will only run for the trial period and then cancel itself, with no additional action or obligation. If you choose to upgrade, then you have the option to renew - otherwise trial site will cancel and remove by itself.

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